The 20th June, The DragoDinos arrive !

DragoDino, the epic adventure in a procedural univers where fight to climb up is the challenge ! 

As a DragoDino, you'll have to to find the lost egg of Bob, lodge to the giant tree’s top, by climbing the 10 levels of the Forest’s Kingdom.

 Explore and fight to obtain your vertical bonus and a multitude of others whose will help you in your quest. But careful, the guardians met on your way will not let you do.

 Combine your power, play various DragoDino and adapt you to their features. Make the most of 2 difficulty modes and a free mode to improve yourself. In solo or in co-op, rise to the challenge !

 Key Features :

  • 10 levels

  • 2 difficulty modes : normal (3 lives & checkpoints)  / hardcore (1 life, no checkpoint)

  • 2 playable characters with 2 skins

  • 40 power Ups

  • 50 enemies

  • 3 bosses

  • a local co-op

  • a cartoon univers

  • 2 characters unlockable

  • unlock Story content through objects

  • original soundtrack

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